Prelude To A Bathroom Remodel

When we bought this house nearly 5 years ago, the bathroom was already a piece of crap and it has just gotten worse 2009-0211image0058-thumbover the years.  Notice the ugly blue paint?  I’m ashamed to admit that I did that myself a couple of weeks after we moved in.  That color is my attempt to coordinate a darker blue with the ugly lighter blue wall tile.  Anybody have any idea who would decide that the dark red trim tile would look good with the blue tile?  And by the way, those tiles are plastic!  Way to go upscale, former owners!

I only agreed to move to this house if we could remodel the bathroom pronto.  But, it has taken all these years to save the money to do it.  We nearly put off the remodel even longer because we wanted to expand the bathroom into a totally unusable hall space which would have allowed us to extend the counter, make double sinks and build a separate shower stall in addition to the jacuzzi tub.  Even as I’m typing this I’m having regrets about not waiting until we could afford the way-better bathroom.  No no no!  It’s wrong to do crap you can’t afford!  And if we couldn’t come up with the money after 5 years then we obviously cannot afford it, right?  5 years!  I really have a hard time with the whole “living within your means” thing.

So, tomorrow morning at 7:00 am some strange dude named “Ivo” is coming over to my house to demolish our one and only bathroom.  He has committed to re-installing the toilet after each work day but says we’ll be without our sink and tub for a minimum of 3 days.  Thank you Bally’s for that free 7 day guest pass!  I’ll be showering there this week.