Prehistoric Times: The Vagina Doctor

I have an appointment with my OB/GYN tomorrow for my annual checkup and I’m really dreading it.  The people who work at the office are always so nice and I never have to wait very long but every time I go there I’m reminded of how far back in the stone ages the exams seem to be.

I’m nearly 41 so I’ve been having vaginal exams for over 20 years,  yet the instruments used in these visits have remained relatively unchanged all this time.  I don’t think anybody is doing much of anything the way they did 20 years ago, yet OB/GYNs still use the same old scary metal speculum to stretch apart and hold the vagina open.

Is it just me or does this tool look more like something that would be used in an autopsy rather than my very delicate area?  At minimum, it seems like they would have found a better material to make speculums out of so that they weren’t so God damned cold.

Going to the vagina doctor always reminds me of working for a physician group in a Chicago suburb when I first moved here in 2001.  I was standing in the lab when the physician who owned the practice came to the doorway to find the medical assistant.  “Medical assistant, please bring a speculum to room 2.  I’m going to do a vaginal exam on Ms. Patient.  Oh, and bring the smaller speculum – she’s an unmarried woman.”