My Internal Medicine Doctor On Getting Pregnant

I saw my Internal Medicine doctor today.  The purpose of the appointment was to get off the low dose antidepressant I’ve been taking for about a year.  I’ve tried to stop taking them by myself but it felt as close to trying to give up heroin as I’ve ever gotten and apparently to properly get off antidepressants, you need a full-on doctor’s appointment.  So get this, to get off the antidepressants I’m taking, she gave me another freakin antidepressant!  “Stop taking the other stuff and start taking the Prozac for one week.  Then after a week you can break the Prozac in half for a week.  Then after that, break the half in half for a week” she explained.  So what you’re saying is that I should be completely off antidepressants by the time in about 12 months?  Christ this is a pain in the ass.  So here the problem.  When I got the prescription, I answered “yes” when the chick asked me if generic was OK and as it turns out, the generic Prozac is a capsule.  So, they’ll be no breaking of the pills.

She also gave me prenatal vitamins which freaked me out on a whole other level.  Agreeing to take the prenatal vitamins feels like a commitment to have a baby to me.  I know its just a freaking vitamin, but still…

Here’s the other crap she told me to do:

Lose weight.  Start a diet and exercise plan immediately.

Call the Endocrinologist to find out (a.) are there any pregnancy related complications or birth defects resulting from the Radioactive Iodine therapy I had for thyroid cancer in 2003 (b.) are there any pregnancy related complications or birth defects resulting from the Thyrogen injections I’ve had for the past 2 years to screen for thyroid cancer (c.) how will the suppressive dose of Synthroid I’m taking effect the pregnancy.

Get the mammogram I’ve been putting off for 3 years and hurry up because they are booked way out and I’m running out of time.

Do not take any longer than 2 months to get these things done because I need to hurry up and start trying, you know, at my age.