Knitting: My New Winter Hobby

Since the summer of 2007 I’ve been completely obsessed with gardening.  The worst part about gardening is the non-gardening that goes on in the winter time.  All us gardeners sit, staring out our windows, thinking that spring seems impossibly far away under all that snow.

I’ve always wanted to learn to knit.  But, it’s one of those things I’m always too embarrassed to tell anybody (like the fact that I kinda dig Barry Mannalow).  Even as a child when I’d see ladies knitting, their two bamboo sticks gliding rapidly and effortlessly in and out of that soft yarn – it seemed like magic to me.  My grandmother once taught me to crochet but it never seemed as glamorous what with the one measly hook that you use.

Yesterday I had my first knitting lesson at a place called Chix with Stix, this adorable knitting joint about two blocks from my house.  I’m working on a scarf right now and even though I feel like I’m really slow at it, I think I might be done in a day or so.

I messed up many times and the first two I actually rushed back to the knitting shop for emergency assistance.  I am still so surprised how young the girls who run the store are.  I was sitting at the table being shown how to fix my mistake listening to the two employees talking about their English class.  All I could think was am I seriously being instructed on how to do something by two high school girls?  Pitiful!

So yeah, everybody is getting scarfs for Christmas.