Decorating The Christmas Tree: A Man’s Job

My brother-in-law is a “manly man”.  He works in construction, drives a big ole pick-up truck and will not ride in a vehicle that he’s not driving.

But, at Christmas time, he insists on decorating the entire Christmas tree himself.  Neither his sons nor his wife (my younger sister) are allowed to place lights or ornaments on the tree because he thinks they can’t do it right.

This cracks me up because he seems like the type to refuse to have anything to do with decorating a big gaudy tree.  But, it’s also kinda sad.  The kids don’t know what they are missing since he’s always been like this.  But, for my sister who always loved the ritual of selecting, then decorating the tree, it’s a sore spot.  Decorating the Christmas tree was something my mother always encouraged us to participate in as kids.   There is no way I’d let him get away with this and I’m amazed that my sister stands for this mess – it’s so not her style.

I just imagine her sitting there watching him decorate the tree, hating him more with every ornament, then being reminded of it every time a light twinkles or she catches a whiff of that wonderful pine tree smell as she walks past it.