Bathroom Remodel: During

2009-0211image0071-thumbHere’s what the bathroom looked like at the end of day one.  As you can see, there is nothing there besides the now broken and filthy toilet that Ivo et al put back into place just before they left.  The ceiling is missing so I can see up into the attic (see last picture), a place I’ve never even been before (in this house).  There is no electricity so my guy thought the flower lamp would provide just enough light for us to get our ass on the toilet.  I think it’s a nice touch.

2009-0211image0058-thumbUnfortunately, when Ivo removed the wall behind the sink, he discovered some plumbing that is oddly placed and can’t be moved on our budget.  This is obviously the reason for the soffit placed there making the vanity stick out further than it should.  (see before photo left)  This probably means that the double sink isn’t possible – I’m bummed about that.

2009-0211image0063-thumbI don’t know any other way to see this except this room looks exactly like a place where monsters and ghosts would hang out.  It’s dark and cold and scary and I do not want to go in there at all.  I keep having visions of me being on the toilet at 2:00 am half asleep and being sucked into the attic by some poltergeist.  I’ve already warned him that if I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I’m waking him up to come with me to stand guard outside the door.


Tomorrow I was promised a tub.  My entire house is covered with a think layer of dust and I feel like my lungs are working overtime to stay clean.