America: We Do Poverty Right

When I was younger (actually until just a few years ago) I was one of those people who’d get pissed off about all those Feed The Children commercials angrily proclaiming “WE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THE POVERTY STRICKEN PEOPLE RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, FIRST!”

As soon as I stopped viewing the world through the American fish bowl I realized that we are the richest people in the world, even our homeless people.  If you are homeless in America, you can usually get a free meal if you can make it to a shelter and maybe even a bed at said shelter.  But many people in third world countries don’t even have access to clean water.  Here we sit in America, drinking our fancy bottled water because we’re such snobs that we don’t think the tap water is good enough, while families die from disease all over the world because they have no clean water all.  They’d die for our regular ole tap water!  Our medical community has no problem doling out the 8-10 glasses of water recommendation for us while others would be lucky to get one clean glass.

It’s human nature to view the world from where you stand.  But, at least today while we are focusing on poverty, make sure that you take the time to look beyond your own backyard and into the other less fortunate countries of the world who struggle to get the basic crap we take for granted every single day.

One of our favorite charities we support is Ryan’s Well.  This charity was start by Ryan when he was a young kid who felt bad about people not having access to water and wanted to do something about it.  He’s much older now but he’s still rockin his well charity and it’s been really successful and building wells in remote villages all over the place.  He’s changing the lives of the people in those villages for generations to come.  Ryan, you rock!

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